Hotel Roma in the centre of Marina di Massa near the sea

History & Tradition

The tradition of Hotel Roma can be traced back to its historical roots; established in the first period of the past century, it is one of the most ancient hotels in Marina di Massa which has earned the title of precursor of tourism in the area.
During the exciting 60s it becomes a meeting point for bridge tournaments at a European level and thus gaining popularity in the whole continent.
In the early 80s it was taken over by the Galeotti family who promoted a complete restructuring and provided the hotel with the most modern technological facilities and comforts.

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25 years of experience in tourism

The Hotel Today

Nowadays Hotel Roma can be proud of being the one of the most comfortable and efficient hotels in Marina di Massa due to its favorable position, centrally located and at the same time very close to the sea, and also to the quality of the service which is offered. The perfect match between the kindness of family type management and the ensured professional level supported by more than 25 years of experience, guarantees to the guest an happy and relaxing stay.

The hotel has an inside ample garden which is always ventilated where the guest can enjoy a cocktail or a coffe in total relax and ample solariums where guests can get caressed by the sun when the rest of the family is on the afternoon relax.