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Colonnata is situated Km far from
Hotel Roma in Marina di Massa - Tuscany

About 15 km away from the hotel, you can reach the small village of Colonnata which dates back to the Roman epoch. Its name apparently derives from "slaves' colony" or a place risen for the lodging of slaves who were used for the intensive exploitation of the marble quarries that served Rome in substitution of the Greek white marbles, but it is also supposed that the name draws origin from the fact that the marble excavated from the marble quarries served for the construction of the columns of the Roman temples. The origins of the village can be traced back to the 1st century B.C. and is renowned for its walled marbles that can be admired in the bas-reliefs under the belfry and inside the church of St. Bartholomew that was consecrated in the beginning of the XII century.

The breeding of the swines introduced by the Longobards initiated the famous and traditional production of the lard, main food of the quarrymen that was converted from a basic food resource into a refined food and nowadays protected by the European label DOP (Of Protected Origin), usually preserved in hand-made marble basins.

From the streets of Colonnata you can admire the famous marble quarries that have through time characterized the local economy since the Roman epoch. Through the Luni harbor, where you can visit the ruins of the Roman amphitheater, the marble was exported towards the city of Rome where it was used for the construction of the main public buildings and artworks. During the renaissance several masters like Michelangelo came here to choose personally the marble for their own sculptures.

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Situated 70 meters from the sea and centrally located in Marina di Massa, the Hotel Roma enjoys a strategic position for those who love going on vacation leaving the car in the parking lot.

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  • Marina di Massa Centre 0 mt
  • Forte dei Marmi 6 km
  • Viareggio 18 km
  • Lucca 50 km
  • Firenze 100 km
  • Pisa 50 km
  • Five Lands 40 km
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  • Pisa "Galileo Galilei" 41,9 km
  • Florence "Peretola" 90,8 km
  • Parma "Giuseppe Verdi" 91,8 km
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